Kindness - a gift that everyone can afford to give

 Jul 15, 2019    By  541 views

The virtue of kindness is a wonderful concept that’s often forgotten because it is easier to hold a grudge, or hate, or get back, or get even.

Take a look at this lovely video where the man narrates the story of how he showed kindness to an old woman who was waiting for death. It is heart touching (of course I have, to my surprise and horror, come across some people in my life, who have no emotions at all and might not be touched even an iota by this video, but most will be touched, I am sure). 

I'm not going to narrate it, rather, see the video for yourselves. 

Revenge never healed a wound. We've all been mistreated by somebody, hurt by some and so forth. All of this has a way of siphoning your kindness. It makes people hard. This is the common reason why we close our virtue of kindness. Most of us think that if you are hard you look tough. It makes us believe that toughness elicits respect from others.

However, the true call is to be tender-hearted. Be kind. Forgive one another because when we are free of revenge and bitterness, there’s plenty of room for kindness. To do justice and what’s right may be hard, but it is more fulfilling. The power of kindness creates ripple effects.

One kind word can breathe life into their spirits. Our kind words can have a powerful effect on other people, to help them overcome a challenge, to push them to carry on and reach their destiny. Kind words are healing words.

The truth is that we don't know what people are going through. Many people are wounded from their past, whether from their past relationships or from people trying to push them down. The wonder of kindness is that it can lift their spirits. Letting people know you care does more than you imagine. It has the power to keep someone from falling into depression. It has the power to put them back on their feet. It has the power to cause them to pursue their dreams. But if you never tell them they may never know and they may fall, they may never know and they may quit, they may never know and they will stop.

Do not ignore the compassion that you feel for others, the desire to be a friend, take time to make them feel they matter and that you care. You are placed in that position for a reason. The reason may not be for your own benefit, but for people who need your kindness so they may be healed or may push forward. Be the reason to keep the virtue of kindness not to be forgotten.

Also, if you have any similar experiences of kindness, please share below.  

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