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 Dec 06, 2017    By writer@interskynetwork  2064 views

First, some rantings...


The purpose of this website portal, is to develop it into a Platform for like-minded people who believe in certain good causes and to think and come up with tools and systems on this Platform for bringing about the change that they/we are looking for.

This Platform/Blog will act as an online journal for people like us to vent out our feelings and rants, thus allowing us to grow each day to live a more fulfilling life. If anyone is curious to find out if it works or not... or interested in participating, you are most welcome to follow this journey and take part in it in whatever ways possible - we will figure out better ways and tools as we go!

To be frank, it had been my life long wish to write about stuff around me, as some sort of commentary on the passage of life and times, so to speak, and here I am, taking this opportunity and experimenting with it... with the Blog.

Now, it has been decades and I am still doing the 9 to 5 grind and tugging along with life as it pushes and drags me along with it according to its whims and fancies. But, it is never too late and better late than never. I am pursuing my dream - to do what I love and to make an impact on this world on the way. This is not easy, each day is a battle against procrastination, self-doubt and what not.

They say it takes some sort of crisis in your life for you to wake up from your slumber and thanks to my current Mid-life crisis, which was preceded by my divorce a year ago, I’ve kind of reached a point of saying: "It is better to try and fail rather than never to try at all"!


  • The content produced here will by no means be perfect or fool-proof or anything like that. We are humans and "to err is human". So, please understand that the ideas discussed here could be wrong or not in accordance with the generally accepted norms etc. This is a journey of self-discovery and improvement and the course could be changed or corrected whenever there is a realization of that. Stuff will be edited, ideas will evolve and change and so on.

What is the purpose of this site? What are we trying to do? Hmm, read on...

Have you ever felt that there is a need to have an alternate media or voice for the people who strongly feel that there is something seriously and grossly wrong with some of the things going on around us? To give you an idea, I'm talking about some of the things that many people feel are totally wrong but society somehow is putting up with it with sad consequences. Some examples are:

  • The unfair divorce laws in most of the states in US, (how can a straight-thinking human being believe them to be fair?).
  • The American Healthcare System (a system to bankrupt middle class folks, I guess).
  • The Insurance companies (I get the impression that most of them function like Scams).
  • Insane levels of Taxation in many states.
  • And the list goes on and on...

Not to mention that it is not specific to today's times, such has been the state of the world since the beginning of time. But can we do something to make things a bit saner for ourselves – at least get the satisfaction of knowing that there are other like-minded people who think and feel like us as well. Let us network with such people and work for changing things that we can afford to change.

Together we are stronger.

On TV and on YouTube etc., you often see some people trying feebly to respond to this menace, but when I see them, I get the feeling that they are just showing their helplessness to do anything about these issues. They operate from a belief that they are not at all in a position to change any of these, they pathetically accept these things as a given somehow. Why should it be so? Why can't they (or we) do something to change things for the better?

That is exactly what I have in mind for this site – to be a platform for such voices and more importantly taking some action (right now I don't know what those actions would be, but over time we as a community will figure it out, I am sure).

In the coming months, I plan to build a discussion board on the site as well, for having open discussions on these things and letting people speak their minds without the fear of being "Banned from the site" kind of suppression of speech that we encounter on many other mainstream sites.


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