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Its about You. You want to change something? You want to see Laws changed for the good? Healthcare changed for the good? Here's your chance to join the Intersky Network Community and create momentum for the Cause you care for.

We believe in making a difference

This is a Community Platform for like minded people to connect, collaborate and utilize the power of the Community to spread public awareness about these Causes and mobilize public support to affect public and Policy changes for the better.

Thus, using the power of the "Community", let's have a positive impact on the world around us, rather than being helpless and passive onlookers.

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We realize that one way to create awareness and spread the message is using T-Shirts and Merchandise that reflects the spirit of the Causes that we are passionate about.

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Latest Activism Posts


Push for Universal Healthcare for all in the US

It’s high time, America invests in Universal Healthcare for its citizens. Read more to find out why this is a cause worth fighting for. Universal healthcare in the US is a need and no longer a want.

 Jul 08, 2019    By writer@interskynetwork  2450 views


Abolish and STOP all existing Spousal Alimony

This is a campaign to push for family law reforms to stop the Alimony/Maintenance payments to spouses who are not working. The goal is to push for reforms in all the states where this menace is present. I don't know how this campaign will evolve, only time will tell. But, with persistance, we will eventually come up with some concrete plan of action.

 Jun 03, 2019    By writer@interskynetwork  3298 views

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