Ruminating about the future of humans

 Jun 28, 2019    By writer@interskynetwork  4784 views

Ruminating about the future of humans... 


Well, if you google "ruminating about the future", you will get tons of articles telling you to stay away from it as it is just unhealthy for our well-being. Basically instead of living in the now (present moment), why worry about the future (or even the past for that matter). All it contributes is to more anxiety, stress and needless worries about things we imagine. Rightly so. I agree. 

Nonetheless, I still do it, but with positive optimism and curiosity, not worry. Well, it is in my DNA as a Scorpio, to ponder over the existential dilemmas and such. So here goes.



Few salient points from the journey till now:  

Among other thing, humans evolved tolerance to cow's milk about 10K years ago, added 20 years to the average lifespan in the past 65 years and added 10 cm to our average height over the past 150 years. We invented electricity, airplanes, phones, wireless communication, internet, computers, smart phones and are dabbling in self driving vehicles. 

And here is a lowdown on the exciting scientific advances that will move human evolution into the future: 

- Artificial Intelligence: Computers will surpass human intelligence in a few decades at the most. And as computers grow progressively more human, so too will humans become more integrated with robots.

- In the future, scientists predict that we'll have minuscule robots called nanobots swimming around our bodies and enhancing our natural abilities. Known as transhumanism, this could see us no longer limited to what biologically can be achieved, and the possibilities of that are pretty incredible to think about.

And it's not just our own bodies that technology has the potential to completely change. As the video points out, 'utility clouds' of microscopic robots could assemble themselves into entire buildings and them disassemble just as easily.

- In the next 1,000 years, the amount of languages spoken on the planet are set to seriously diminish from about 7000 to under 100 languages.

- With the world's rising temperature and deterioration of the ozone layer resulting in extra heat and UV radiation could see darker skin become an evolutionary advantage. Taller and thinner bodies may be better at dissipating excess body heat. 

- Mutations could result in completely new features like new eye colors, ability to digest more stuff that we currently can

- Artificial selection (by humans) will mostly drive human evolution like modifying the baby's genes to eliminate diseases or include desirable traits for our offsprings. 

- Space colonization could be inevitable to ensure the continuity of humanity in the event of any catastrophe. 

- We may even conquer death by scanning our brains and making it possible to transfer our consciousness into computers or robots. 


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