Ten Unsettling Future Technologies

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With the technological advancements that we have, it is always best to stop and be aware of the possible consequences that may happen to our society and the rest of the humanity, before taking the plunge. Yes, if all of these technologies are managed carefully they offer an enormous amount of advantages but if they fall on the wrong hands and are mismanaged the effects could be catastrophic. This video uncovers 10 potential future technologies and what could be their potential consequences to the world.
Genetic Engineering of Humanity
Humans have been using the science of genetics and genetic modification for thousands of years for selective breeding. Our food production and agriculture satisfactorily relied on it that’s why we have crops and animals to consume until this day and age. Genetic research and medication allowed humans to modify the genetics of plants and animals, including treatment and prevention of diseases, which are all good. But it also offers possibilities like the creation of designer humans, synthetic animals, or ideal soldiers or “super humans”, which we may want to ask if we really wanted to play the role of The Creator of our own advanced species. 
Shrinking Technology
The availability of advanced electronics and the trend of miniaturization pose a threat to our privacy. Ridiculously tiny cameras are now used in medicine to see the inside of our bodies which was never done before, but these kinds of devices are also very useful in espionage. Anybody can be easily subjected to surveillance by anybody, be it government or just plain individuals, due to availability and access to these micro-mini devices.
Democratization of the Advanced Technology
It used to be that biotechnology was solely available to the very few who had qualified access and funding. But these days, due to the easy access to technology, there’s always the possibility of having someone with the knowledge and access to chemical or biological weaponry, through the creation of some deadly pathogen, whether intentional or not, could cause the extinction of the human species.
The Loss of Mental Privacy
The advancement of scanning techniques and the understanding of the brain allows us now to decode a person’s thoughts. The danger looms on identification of a criminal’s thoughts recognizing a crime scene, or reading someone’s immediate intentions before he/she acts upon it. It opens the possibility of cheating to know human actions before one acts on something. It opens the possibility of decoding thoughts and sending it to another person’s brain. 
Artificial Intelligence
Regardless whether a super intelligent AI will ever become a reality, we cannot deny the fact that our computers are becoming human-like. In the foreseeable future, we will have a hard time distinguishing if we are talking to an AI or a real person.
Full Automation
Machines can make another machine, there’s no doubt about it. Self-replicating machines open the possibility of colonizing the galaxy, wherein one can create a number of machines and send it out in the universe to collect materials and make copies. But if left unchecked these machines can consume a galaxy. Another possible scenario is a machine replicating humans so humans don’t need to travel the universe themselves.
Nano Weaponry and Invincible Soldiers
Nano technology still offers unclear threats but there’s always the possibility that it can be used in the battlefield. It’s possible to have clouds of airborne nano tech that can configure themselves and attack their targets. It is difficult to combat invisible and invincible soldiers like these.
Geo Engineering
Humans have the capacity to Terra form planets, just like what we’re doing to the Planet Earth. Our ability to take it further as we advance our technology to, maybe, mitigate climate change and make it better. The question is at what point Earth is no longer run by nature, as we have changed it enough that it’s no longer a natural planet?
Brain Hacking
If we can read a human brain’s thoughts, can we actually change or manipulate them? It may be useful for mental illness treatment or crime prevention, but how far can we say that we’ve gone too far? It can also be used by politicials to change enough minds to get elected, or an AI Super intelligence controlling the collective minds of Humanity. 
Eternal Digital Damnation
The progress of virtual reality (VR) is continuously marching on, and we now face the possibility of merging the mind and technology so we no longer trick the human mind and the human senses. We may have a long way to go with this thought but it presents its possibilities as there will come a time where a seamless science fiction, like virtual reality as depicted in movies, could become a reality.
These are ten scenarios that technology may go beyond human specie’s control and can go horribly wrong. But, if human will be vigilant on the development of these technologies it may offer many good things and positive uses.
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