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Walk your own damn path. Don't walk someone else's path. That which your parents pre-destined for you, that which appears to be yours (society's fabricated ideal of who you should be). Don't walk a path because you just fell into it and it's "good enough". 

That means choosing your own path in a very conscious way. We all posses an inner wolf that thirsts for Freedom, truth and authenticity. If we seek to live a meaningful and fulfilled life, you need to listen to that inner wolf. It always requires a conscious choice in which you say: "Yes, this feels true to me and what my soul realley craves for". 

Keep moving forward, even if you are tired of Fighting... and courageously walking into the wild unknown. It is all worth it. 

Here are some useful pointers: 

  • Understand that there will be some backlash from friends, family or society. 
  • You will be met with naysayers, killjoys and sourpusses who seek to bring you down to their level. The reason that they fight against you is because in their minds, you invalidate their way of existence. Undesrtand that the issue lies with them, not you. 
  • Just keep moving forward and remember its no one's place to dictate what your life should be like except you. 
  • Ask yourself what do I truly and deeply want (continuously thousands of times over). Keep bringing back the focus to what you desire on the deepest level, not what others want to project or dump on to you. Instead of getting stuck in an old and stagnant way of living, you will be in tune with your soul. 
  • Love yourself and be your own best friend. If you are your won worst enemy, your path will be a million times harder.  
  • Know thyself: strive to learn more about yourself - strengths and weaknesses. Only when you come to deeply know yourself can you truly embrace who you are and walk your path with confidence. 
  • Feel the Fear, but walk anyway, don't let anything or anyone bring you down. And if you fall down, keep picking yourself up over and over again. 
  • Let your wild nature guide you that serves as your inner compass. Listen to your gut feelings and let your animal self be filled with passion. You have to be tame or repressed any longer.

Walking your own path and embracing the lone Wolf side of you means that you finally have freedom.

Your life is your making, your destiny is in your hands.  

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