Don't let another day go by without taking action towards your goal

 Jun 28, 2019    By writer@interskynetwork  1622 views

The biggest problem most people have to achieve goals is the lack of starting. It is a matter of lack of motivation, lack of goal setting and lack of action. 

People that succeeded are the often the hardest working. 

You don't want to start, you don't want to eat right today, you don't want to excercise today, you gonna start Monday, you gonna start 1st of Jan... Go f*****g sit on your couch and wait to die. 

Life is short, don't let another day go by!

There are so many small little things that you can do to start changing their day, changing their life and starting to move that needle forward. But all too often, we don't have the motivation to do so, for a lot of different reasons... they will blame their parents, they'll blame their current situation and so forth, but it is all bullshit. Everybody is responsible for themselves  - for their success, for their failure. 

No matter what happens, even if a comet comes and crashes, you got to do your stuff, clean your house, move over the rubble and start to re-build immediately. Don't sit there and whine and complain. Sure, you can feel bad and feel a little depressed, but it shouldn't stop the action. 

We are all humans, we are not perfect, I have my ups and downs, highs and lows just like everybody else, but my action is what matters most. 

That's what motivation is. Motivation is simply doing what is necessary to achieve the desired outcome, without falling backwards, without making excuses, without pretending that you are so special. 

Being average, being Lazy... is not special!


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