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Vision and Mission

To help people experience The Good Life by enabling them to Collaborate to bring about positive changes in the world.

In other words:
To create a Platform for like minded people to come together, collaborate and make things happen!
Ultimately, a portal to discuss, explore and experience "The Good Life", so that we can get the best out of our lives.

We also want to make this a platform for Activism, not for "revolutions" or "to fight against the system" kind of thing, but to do something about spreading awareness about some of those things that are clearly not right (like the Healthcare, Medical Insurance, Unfair Divorce and other Laws and the like) and to ensure that it is changed as soon as possible by doing whatever it takes to bring about changes in those areas and hence get what is just and good for us (the community).

As part of this effort, we have also created a store called "The Good Life Store", which we hope our Community members will find useful, where we will cater to our target market with stuff that they value. You can visit the store at www.interskystore.com:

This is just a start, so we urge you to join the Community & participate here to make this Platform a success for making things happen and experiencing "The Good Life".

Yours truly,

I go with this pen name for now for obvious reasons... read day job.

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