AI & THE SUPER FUTURE - AI Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche

 Jun 30, 2019    By writer@interskynetwork  1872 views

Where is the world headed in the next five years? 

The technology to read your inner voice in your mind. Writing emails without a keyboard, playing videogames without a controller, walking into a store that already knows whay you want to buy. 

Robots building our houses, pouring our beer, riding our cars. 

The pace of human progress is going to become not so human at all. 

We see what is AI Mechanized Future: 

AI Mechanized Future

Then we see 

ANI: Artificial Narrow Intelligence

AGI: Artificial General Intelligence

ASI: Artificial Super Intelligence (Only one system in the world)

AI set to surpass human intelligence and then improve upon itself exponentially fast. 

You should be aware of AI because it sort of warps every aspect of human life as we know of till now. 

Watch the whole video for the full details - it is eye opening as well as scary!!


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